1. Degree


The BA courses are three years in duration (180ECTS). Along the course the number of specialised study units (UCs) will gradually increase in order to focus on a chosen area of design specialization.

The MA course is two years in duration (120 ECTS). The curricular programme is composed of both practical and theoretical study. In year 2 students are asked to undertake a major project in the form of a either a practice-based project, a written dissertation, or a placement based research project.

Trocar para Português

1st Level

Phase 1: 08.07.19 — 27.07.19
Phase 2: 29.07.19 — 31.08.19
Phase 3: 12.09.19 — 23.09.19

To apply to ESAD you need to complete the Portuguese 12th year of secondary education, or a equivalent foreign degree, and have a minimum grade of 95 in one of the following Portuguese national exams: 706 Drawing A, 708 Descriptive Geometry or 724 History of Culture and the Arts.

2nd Level

The applications are subject to a selection process, based on portfolio, interview and CV of applicants.

2nd Level

The applications are subject to selection. The selection is based on portfolio, interview and CV of applicants.